equibloomEQUI–BLOOM is a highly stable, flavored OMEGA-3 fatty acid supplement for horses. Horses are unique in that they need two types of dietary essential fatty acids. These are OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 fatty acids. The correct ratio of 6 to 3 fatty acids is considered to be 5 to 1. Most equine diets are 20 to 1 or greater.

Current studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of OMEGA-3 fatty acid supplements in the horse. Researchers at Texas A & M discovered reining horses fed a diet high in OMEGA-3 fatty acids had decreased inflammatory responses including decreased cortisol concentrations following exercise. Other researchers have concluded horses afflicted with arthritis, laminitis, colic and enteritis benefit from diets high in OMEGA-3 fatty acids.

Positive benefits of OMEGA-3 fatty acids on reproduction have been reported in cows, mares, stallions and boars. The strongest data are in cattle where flaxseed (a rich source of OMEGA-3’s) supplementation increased both conception rate (48% vs 32%) and calving rates (65% vs 43%).

EQUI-BLOOM is a palatable top-dressed proprietary formula, stable for 3 years.  It improves hair coat, body condition, and expression of estrous behavior and is bio-identical to compounds present in sera of highly fertile mares.  It contains 6000 mg of stabilized OMEGA-3 fatty acids per dose.  OMEGA-3 fatty acids have been demonstrated to be anti-inflammatory and to increase pregnancy rates and sperm production in some species. EQUI-BLOOM also improves lung function by decreasing chronic inflammation and promoting relaxation of blood vessels

Additionally, vitamin A, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc are included in EQUI–BLOOM to replace any deficiencies in the diet. Deficiencies in these compounds have been shown to have a negative impact on reproductive performance

EQUI-BLOOM has a 100% palatability acceptance.  If your horse does not like the taste of this product, simply contact us for a replacement product.

EQUI–BLOOM is available in 4 lb tubs and 10 lb buckets.  Click here to purchase the 10 lb bucket.

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