BOTUSEMEN® Equine Semen Extender

BOTUSEMEN Equine Semen ExtenderBOTUSEMEN® – for Cooled Transported Stallion Semen new Improved Formula

BotuSemen® is the result of several years work by Brazilian researchers to provide the equine industry with an economical yet, first class extender. In addition to the combination of sugar and protein sources, BotuSemen® contains important aminoacids that help the sperm tolerate the cooling process better than other extenders. BotuSemen® also has an ideal combination of antibiotics that has no adverse effects on sperm or fertility.

BOTUSEMEN® – Increased Shipping Time and Fertility

BotuSemen® has been compared with other commercial semen extenders and has the same or better sperm longevity and viability. Thousands of mares are inseminated every year with transported fresh or cooled sperm using BotuSemen®. When sperm are diluted to the right concentration, they can be stored for 48-72 hrs without loosing their fertilizating capacity.

BOTUSEMEN® does not ship with water.

Order BOTU-SEMEN 100mL Packet @ $12.00