About is committed to ensuring the long-term health and nutrition of equine’s across the country.  All of the equine health and nutrition information that we provide to you is free of charge and backed by research.  In addition to the quality informational articles we provide to you, our association with BET Labs, Inc. allows us to provide a handful of quality health and nutritional supplements.

BET Labs, Inc. has been a leader in endocrine diagnostic services, reproductive consultation, and pharmacy referral services since 1984.  BET conducts research in both University and clinical settings in the USA and South America, with extensive experience in both bovine and equine embryo transfer technology and aspects of management for recipients and donors.  Through 21 years of experience operating a small racing stable and 0ver 25 years of breeding operation experience, BET has been provided an understanding of performance issues and the importance of supplements such as thyroxine and omega three fatty acids in maintaining top condition for horses.

For more information feel free to contact a representative from BET Labs, Inc.